Leader vs Servant Leader?

We tend to think leadership means, power, being the boss and leading from the front lines. We associate the term with a position or title.

However, what if leadership also meant something different? What if it meant we don’t have the power, we aren’t the boss and we don’t lead from the front lines?

There are different ways to lead and neither of them is right or wrong we just have to move with the times and what I’m speaking about today is servant leadership.

Have you ever been to the circus? The ringmaster welcomes you and they stand in a spotlight, then they humbly step out of the way for the trapeze artists or tightrope performers and many other acts to show their performances so that they can be in the spotlight.

Servant leadership is about doing exactly that

  • Being willing to step out of the way so that others can shine too
  • Helping others become better so that they can one day do the same
  • Putting others first but not forgetting about you
  • Convincing people with facts so that they move towards your vision with you

There are many more traits on servant leadership and I guess we all have them. It’s just about polishing them or refining them so that this form of leadership can become a ripple effect and more and more people can become a servant leader.

South Africa had its own servant leader, Nelson Mandela. He was popular and well loved by many. He left a legacy. Imagine this country being populated by servant leaders. Wouldn’t we , make a change? Wouldn’t we love each other? Or better yet, wouldn’t we leave a legacy?

We’ve struggled with the aftermath of apartheid and wondered how do we heal? Here’s my question: Could this not be a good way to start?

Leadership doesn’t just mean power, commanding or being in front. It means uplifting, guiding and helping people become great.

Personally, Id like that to be my purpose.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” – James Keller

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/jameskelle192856.html

Image source:  Hans Braxmeier


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