Youth is 37% of South Africa... but 100% of its future

Life Choices is an innovative and impactful youth development organisation based in Cape Town.

We work in schools, communities and from our Campus in Lansdowne, investing in young people so they can reach their potential.

Since 2005, we’re impacted the lives of more than 200,000 people from the Cape Flats.

Life Choices is working towards a world where…

Every young person feels safe and valued. Every young
person is free to thrive.

We’re doing this through programmes that ignite the potential of
young people by healing, uplifting and empowering lives.

We believe there are five building blocks that can assist youth to thrive



& life skills

Education & skills development

Employment & work-readiness

Our programmes operate across all these building blocks so that young
people can know themselves, access caring youth-friendly support, gain
vital life skills, and get ready for their future.

Our Interventions

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