Improving NGO Buy-In For M&E: Part 3

Tip #3: Sharing M&E results


Why is sharing M&E results with staff and funders important?

  1. It allows programme staff to see that the data they work tirelessly to collect is actually being utilised. If they know this, they may be more likely to comply with data collection requirements.
  2. It enables staff and funders them to see whether the programme is its meeting its targets and achieving its intended outcomes.

How often should results be shared?
At Life Choices we share monitoring results through internal monthly reports. These allow staff to see if they are on target and allows programme management to make decision about whether programme activities need to be intensified.
We also regularly update our monitoring results on our website so anyone can see how we are performing.
Our annual evaluation reports give feedback to staff and funders on programme quality and outcomes and also provide information on where to tweak programme activities for the following year if necessary.

How should results be communicated?
It is important that the M&E results provided to programme staff and other stakeholders are easy to understand and provide an at-a-glance summary. After all, if the results aren’t easily understandable, what are the chances they will be utilised?
Where possible, charts and dashboards are preferable over long paragraphs and tables. No one has time to read a 100-page academic thesis! You don’t want your readers to suffer from #TLDR (Too long, didn’t read). Try stick to the 1-3-25 rule:

  • 1 page infographic,
  • 3-page executive summary,
  • 25 page report.

An oral presentation is also a great way to ensure your staff engage with the results.
In the next blog post we go into more detail on how to use data visualisation to effectively communicate M&E results! <br>


What #TLDR means for your report: http://stephanieevergreen.com/tldr/
Image: https://www.brandwatch.com/blog/introducing-analyst-user-permission/

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Blog Author: Life Choices M&E Team

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