How To Spend Family Time

These questions always went through my mind as a parent:

  • What is Family Time?
  • I have too many kids to spend time with them?
  • I’m too tired?
  • No time!!!!

As a parent I always felt it was silly to have fun time with my family, I am the parent and I see to the physical needs of my children and loved ones.

I had the same question and always wondered how am  I going to make it. I felt I never had the money or   time, and thought that spending time meant that we had to go out somewhere.

I realized that spending time and having fun with my family not only builds positive relationships but also enhances their self – esteem and gives them a sense of belonging. It made me realize how I needed to connect to the people that is my heartbeat and have fun.

I realized spending time is to make time.

So here are my 5 steps to making the most of your time with your family.

Key Steps

  1. Stop………..Breathe………Be mindful
  2. Be present as well, make moments to laugh, eye contact and smile
  3. Be creative, at the dinner table, watching a movie and playing games
  4. Affirming and give space to both what is right and to what is wrong
  5. Celebrate the successes, both positive and negative with your Family

Family is important to us and we are important to them. Value your time that you give to yourself, to others and your kids, as well as value how they give it back to you

I give……I receive……..I live……I heal……… I love and I am,


Blog Author
Desiree Du Preez
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