Dangling The Carrot

One day I found myself sitting in a room filled with people and had to give answers to questions and in return you get a gift/reward/incentive, whatever we call it. I sat there observing not wanting to participate or let me say, not feeling the need to participate, and that’s not like me!

Why? I asked myself

Everyone around me was just doing it for the reward/incentive not because they truly wanted to… I heard one lady next to me saying, can this just be done already?

It got me thinking what’s more important? Internal motivation where you choose to do something because you truly want to. Results are not tangible but you feel a sense of goodness inside.


External motivation where someone is dangling a carrot saying, if you do ‘that’ I will give you ‘this’. More about the result and reward temporally or status.

The question is what prompts you to take action?

“Self-motivation is a key life skill and something that everyone should think carefully about it, it’s also a key part of emotional intelligence.” www.skillsyouneed.com/ps/self-motivation.html.

If you would want success in any area of your life you would need to be self-motivated. For Example if you had to find water in a desert you would tend to last and embrace the challenge more than someone whom is external motivated. http://ezinearticles.com/?Self-Motivation-and-Its-Importance&id=1061553

So think about yourself?

Think about what motivates you?

Create a list of times where you felt internally motivated and times where you felt externally motivated? And how both made you feel and benefit you in any way?


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Whitney Abrahams
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