Quit your day job and come change the world!

We’re on a mission to tackle inequality and reinvent the non-profit sector. Since 2015, we have impacted over 200,000 lives with CHOICES and NOT CHARITY. Want to help? Join the team.

Employment at Life Choices provides the opportunity to join a dedicated and diverse group. Besides being capable and committed individuals who bring a wide range of experiences, our team understands that change starts within.
Staff are willing to start helping themselves and through the process inspire people they serve.




I feel like working here has forced me to confront issues in civil society and my own beliefs, issues that I kept at arm’s length while a corporate employee. Yes, it’s been a challenging transition coming from corporate, but its also been liberating in ways I could never have thought possible. I feel alive!

In corporate, we were taught that people are our biggest asset. The reality was that the profit margin was all that mattered. At Life Choices, the reality is different. People ARE our biggest asset. From the staff who work selflessly day in and day out, to the 100’s of beneficiaries we work with every year; to the people driving us around to do this work all day long….everyone matters.


Working at Life Choices is a unique experience with a unique culture, it is different to other jobs and now I have experienced this I don’t see myself anywhere else. I’m surrounded by amazing people who inspire me to do better and be better and they have become friends rather than colleagues. We challenge one another and we grow, individually and as an organisation, on an on-going basis. I continue to learn new things about myself, my colleagues, the programmes we deliver and the impact we have on so many lives every day. I get great satisfaction knowing that I’m with an organisation like this, ever-changing, ever-growing and most importantly ever-serving.




Life Choices is mindful that in the helping profession, staff are wounded healers. The organisation provides opportunities for the staff to heal together through regular trainings and exposure to various techniques. There is a huge emphasis on self-development and we are constantly evolving as individuals and as an organisation. I love working with a diverse team, where each member adds their own flare and we all share a vision.



Christine de goede

As a young professional and merely starting out in my psychology career, Life Choices gave me the opportunity to find my feet in the world of work, and find myself. As a Life Choices employee, I got the opportunity to discover my passions and live out my desire for helping people.

My amazing colleagues also helped me to cultivate strengths and overcome personal challenges. The Life Choices team works in the harshest of conditions where poverty and social ills are rife. But with their incredible tenacity, strive for excellence, warmth and courage, they go out there every day to impart hope and change lives.



I first came into contact with Life Choices early 2011 when the HCT department ran a campaign at my previous place of work. Who would have thought, that a few months later, I would become apart of that team. To me, Life Choices was a place where I learnt a lot about myself and the person I want to be. A place that tests your limits and makes you learn things about yourself you may not know or may have forgotten. But mostly, it helped to shape me and prepare me for whatever life has to offer.

The Life Choices team are an amazing group of people full of warmth and so much love who, everyday, do their best in helping others to reach their full potential.

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