Garth Schieman

Garth Schieman: A Brighter Future

A Brighter Future

by Garth Schieman

Garth Schieman stated that the Salesian Life Choices academy has taught me many skills that have already helped my personal life. Growing up in Mitchell’s Plein there are many negatives that lead people to make bad decisions, gangsterism, drugs and crime is everywhere and there was a time when I was influenced. But I always knew there was more to my life. After graduating from high school, I took part in a 3 month internship at a local school, I hoped that I could maybe get a job afterwards because there wasn’t money for me to study after school. After my internship I heard about the academy and knew that I wanted in. I have always been interested in learning more about computers, ever since being introduced to the subject during high school. I started feeling different about myself from the beginning of the course when we took part in the life-skills training on self-awareness, mindfulness,
being aware of our actions, and learning leadership techniques. These were vital for me, as it helped me deal with the gangsters and criminals in the area. Before, I would react if was approached, or if I thought I was going to be threatened, today I can walk away and even try to talk to them. Through the training I have learned to look beyond what is happening in the moment.

Regarding the coding and the hard skills, it has been challenging but rewarding when achieved. For the most part, being in the academy these last four months has helped me see life broader, before I would focus on the now, and not focus on my why. Now, I know my why is to help others the way I have been helped. I have recently contacted my high school Maths teacher to offer my services to tutor students… My future aim is to teach them more about HTML, coding and Java so they also have more opportunity.

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